About Us


Why do we call ourselves FATCAT?

It might not be the most exclusive name in the world. People may give the WTF reaction when they first hear it (We did that ourselves).

But what made us ever more firm about such a name is that our vision cannot be any better brought across by these words.

Our vision is to craft impeccable frozen delights from fresh ingredients, creating flavours from scratch with a twist of our own creativity and bold cooking techniques.

FAT: “[We are] not gluttons – [We are] the explorers of food” – Erma Bombeck. We can’t deny the fact that ice-cream/gelato has FAT but when it comes to ingredients, we are generous in using good quality “FAT”. Since the consumption of FAT is inevitable, we want to have it in the best way possible. Production wise, we find ways to extract and amplify the richness of natural flavours with our knowledge of modern cooking techniques.

CAT: Sophisticated, Mysterious, Adventurous, Curious, Playful – characteristics of a CAT describes our approach in crafting frozen delights. We shouldn’t be disclosing too much about ourselves now, should we?

Our tagline – “Made From Scratch“, is actually a pun intended with our name (Please refrain from rolling your eyes now).

Only a FATCAT would be able to uphold the name of this absurd little shop. Be sure to step out of your comfort zone to try our quirky flavours!

What Makes Us Different



How we produce our ice cream?